Christian Hay

Christian Hay
Master in Laws
Born Zurich, Switzerland, 1954, married with 2 children, lives in Rolle.

christian hay

Christian Hay has a track record of over 20 years in Healthcare. He played a leading role in the implementation of the EAN.UCC System (now GS1 System) in narcotics control in Switzerland, logistics between pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers and aspects of the new billing rule for Health insurance providers (TARMED). He works for over 10 years for GS1 organisations – to address the specific standardised identification needs of the healthcare sector. Traceability and product authentication are the key issues for a safe supply chain; patient safety at the point of care requires appropriate labelling on the single units (pre-filled syringes, vials, blistered tablets) as well as appropriate database information (so that scanning at the point of care matches the prescription). He has been involved in several hospital projects in Switzerland and France with barcode and RFID as support to enhance accuracy and reduce risks; he coached some of these hospitals in the drawing of new process managements.
Christian is currently liaising GS1 Healthcare with other standard organisations as HL7, ICCBBA, ISO TC 215 and CEN TC 251. Christian has been the first Chairman of IHE Suisse (2010-2012) and elected Convenor of the Working Group „Pharmacy“ within ISO TC 215 (medical informatics).