Call for papers SGMI annual meeting 2017

The topic

Since the introduction of ICT tools in healthcare, the new systems have mainly supported the existing workflows. We are entering now a new era where ICT innovations are modifying, with more depth, the core of the healthcare business. If Watson may be the flagship of this tendency, there are plenty of smaller innovations that are slowly changing the way medicine is performed. Innovation creates new opportunities, from patient empowerment to personalized medicine that may change forever the way healthcare system works.

What to submit

Innovation is a long journey going from the lab to the market. We are interested here to explore all stages of innovation projects that are related to medical IT.

Topics tackled during the 2017 sessions

  1. Practical implementation examples
  2. How innovation is changing the care processes
  3. Involving user in the innovation process
  4. Learning from mistakes
  5. Bringing healthcare innovation from the lab to the market

Why to submit

Building your network: Submitting a paper to the SGMI is the best way to get in touch with the Swiss community of medical informatics.

Confront your idea to the market: By presenting your work you will be able to confront against the Swiss medical IT market and understand whether your research is in line with the development of the market.

A launching pad for your research: For young researcher this is a unique occasion to submit their work in your native language and prepare yourself for the work at a larger scale.

Presenting authors can join the whole congress with no fees.

How to submit

Submit your non-commercial contribution in your native language on . Read carefully the instructions for authors; adding an abstract in English is mandatory. Several categories (e.g. congress contribution, poster, extended abstract, full paper) are offered for your contribution. Submissions will be reviewed by the congress committee and selected e.g. for oral presentations or the poster session. Awards are given for selected contributions.

Until when submit

Submission deadline is June 4th 2017

Call for papers SGMI annual meeting 2017 as PDF

ENI 2017

9. Wissenschaftlicher Kongress für Informationstechnologie im Gesundheits-, Pflege- und Sozialbereich
14./15. September an der UMIT in Hall in Tirol, A
Motto: Wie viel Technik braucht die Pflege?

Der Einsatz von Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien im Gesundheitswesen und speziell im Pflege- und Sozialbereich nimmt weiter zu. Diese Schlüsseltechnologie wird das Berufsbild der Gesundheitsberufe in den kommenden Jahren entscheidend prägen, Aufgaben verändern, neue Kompetenzen erfordern und neue Herausforderungen für alle an der Patientenversorgung beteiligten Personen mit sich bringen.

Schwerpunkte des Kongresses:

  • IT in Gesundheits- und Sozialeinrichtungen (z.B. in stationären und ambulanten Gesundheits- und Pflegeeinrichtungen, in Sozial- und Behinderteneinrichtungen, in Funktionsbereichen, in der intersektoralen Kommunikation, im häuslichen Umfeld)
  • Auswahl, Einführung, Evaluation und Betrieb von IT (z.B. Auswahl und nutzergerechte Gestaltung von IT, Prozessoptimierung durch IT, Datenschutz und Datensicherheit, Qualität der Dokumentation, Evaluation von Kosten und Nutzen von IT)
  • Veränderungen des Berufsbildes von Pflegepersonen durch IT-Nutzung (Herausforderungen für Aus-, Fort- und Weiterbildung, Herausforderungen bei der Arbeit im multiprofessionellen Behandlungsteam, Herausforderungen im Umgang mit Patienten und Angehörigen)
  • Neue Technologien (z.B. elektronische Fieberkurve, IT im Medikationsprozess, Gesundheits-IT im häuslichen Umfeld, elektronische Gesundheitsakten, mobile IT, Gesundheits-Apps, AAL, Robotik in der Pflege)

4. Call for Paper – Special issue on e-medication in openAccess journal “GMS Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie”

To the member of SGMI:
As editor in chief of the openAccess journal “GMS Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie” ( which is the official German journal of GMDS, I would like to invite the Swiss colleagues to contribute in a special issue on e-medication in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.
Would you please forward the attached Call for Papers to the SGMI members? Thanks for your support. To be honest, our journal has no impact factor and is not listed at pubmed – so far. Hence I assume that publishing there is mainly interesting for those wanting to write in German. But if you think it would be valuable for others as well I can deliver an English translation of the CfP.
Kind regards
Prof. Dr. Alfred Winter
Universität Leipzig KöR, Medizinische Fakultät
Institut für Medizinische Informatik, Statistik und Epidemiologie, D-04107 Leipzig